Why choose a local independent pet shop for your pet supplies?

You will find a friendly face and a knowledgeable member of staff the second that you walk through our doors. We have a wide range of animal feeds and toys which you won’t find at the larger national pet chain stores and not to mention that our prices are amongst the most competitive in the business.

Our lovely little independent local Norwich pet shop is best visited to get the full picture of just what we can offer.

Our Ethos

Here at beechwood pet supplies, Norwich, we believe in supporting local businesses which we adhere to in every single way possible. From our equipment, which we use to weigh up animal feed, to the bags we use to fill the animal feed and even down to the labels that we use on our onsite-made local Norfolk honey, we support local businesses.

Norwich pet shop animals

What does our little Norwich-based pet shop offer?

We offer a super range of dog treats, and high-end dog food, such as burns to name a few. We have gerbil and hamster food as well as a very well-stocked selection of straws and hays and general animal bedding.

We also offer our feeds in small quantities which you will not find in most pet stores, which enables our customers to give their animals the very best food at very affordable prices.

You will find a great selection of dog collars, dog, cat and budgie toys, water bottles, animal treats, pigs ears and hide toys, just to name a few.

From humane rat traps to flea and worming medication, we have the resources of pet supplies to fulfil your needs.

Pet shops in Norwich

We sell a wide range of Pet Foods & Supplies

  • Dog Food
  • Cat Food
  • Rabbit Food & Bedding
  • Gerbil, Guinea Pigs & Hamster Food & Bedding
  • Straw, Hay & Shavings
  • Wild Bird Food inclduing a wide range of seeds and nuts
  • Fat Balls, Suet & Bird Feeders
  • Pet Health Care – Worm Flea And Ticks Treatments
  • Live & Dried Meal Worms
  • Dog Collars & Leads
  • Pet Toys
  • Fish Food & Fish Pellets


Wild Bird Food




Variety Of Sizes Available


Burns Dog Food

12kg, 6kg, 2kg